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Enabling the adoption of more ambitious environmental and energy policies to protect the environment

Selecting, labeling and promoting clean and profitable solutions to support political and business decision-makers to reach their environmental targets is the challenge that Bertrand Piccard has set himself with the Solar Impulse Foundation. The Foundation engages with the stakeholders of the ecological transition using the 1000+ Solutions Explorer as a mean to support this effort.

Bertrand Piccard’s solution-oriented approach

Applying his pioneering spirit to environmental protection, Bertrand Piccard was one of the first, as early as the 2000s, to consider ecology through the lens of economic profitability. For him, the fight against pollution will only become a reality if it is perceived as economically viable and does not require financial or behavioral sacrifices. He promotes an approach oriented towards clean technological solutions to improve the quality of life. To support his approach, he federates stakeholders through the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, creates synergies between players and develops, through the Solar Impulse Foundation, partnerships with political and economic decision-makers. His objective is to provide them with a Guide of 1000+ Solutions to help them achieve clean economic growth.

4 axes to relay his action

1. Qualitative growth

Demonstrate how qualitative growth can solve the dilemma between degrowth leading to social chaos and quantitative growth leading to ecological disaster.

2. Economic opportunities

Show how new clean technologies and efficient solutions needed to solve climate change open up new opportunities for economic development through profitable investments rather than costs.

4 axes to relay his action

3. Market of the century

Demonstrate how replacing old and polluting devices and systems with modern and efficient technologies is the industrial market of the century.

4. Legal framework

Advocate for the modernization of our legal framework to facilitate the market introduction of innovative products and new clean and energy-efficient processes.

Political Engagement

As part of its advocacy efforts, the Foundation develops relationships with a wide range of influential thinkers at high-level international fora while also bringing solutions directly to the attention of stakeholders in cities and businesses.

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Engaging at international fora

Bertrand Piccard regularly engages with businesses and governments at international fora, highlighting the solutions that already exist to make our economies sustainable and prosperous.
To this end, he also speaks to the adoption of effective modern regulations that create needs for the benefits brought by these solutions, and recognition that an economy based on the renewal of our old and inefficient infrastructure is an incredible investment opportunity.
These fora include:

  • UNFCCC Climate Negotiations
  • European Commission
  • Government of the French Republic
  • European Investment Bank
  • UN Environment
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Bringing solutions to cities and businesses

Cities consume about 63% of global primary energy and emit 70% of the world’s total greenhouse gases.
The Solar Impulse Foundation is committed to helping these communities – and the companies and populations from which they are made up – to transition toward more sustainable solutions that help their economies and improve their quality of life.
We are bringing solutions directly to the attention of a number of entities, including:

  • Grand Est Region (France)
  • Scotland
  • Ile de France Region (France)
  • The City of Brussels
  • Lisbon and many other cities and regions
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‘Prêt à Voter’

50 ‘Prêt à Voter’ proposals

Beyond solutions, it is the regulatory framework that drives environmental protection forward. Bertrand Piccard promotes a realistic and unifying ecology having been campaigning for many years to encourage the modernisation of legislation, in line with technological developments, to facilitate the emergence of clean solutions on the market.

With the Solar Impulse Foundation, he is launching the ‘Prêt à Voter’ initiative and submitting 50 legislative recommendations to the members of the French Parliament and Ministerial Cabinet. Each recommendation is based on an existing French innovation with the goal of supporting communities and companies in their green transition.


Endorsing the World Alliance

We have entered into collaboration with several international institutions, cities and regions around the world to facilitate the identification, funding and implementation of the 1000+ solutions.
Direct support generously provided by the Scottish government, Grand Est Region, Ile de France Region and Wallonia Region.