The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions was created at the initiative of the Solar Impulse Foundation, following the success of the first solar flight around the globe. Its goal is to federate the main actors in the field of clean technologies in order to bring efficient solutions to the environmental and health challenges of our world. It benefits from the media, political and institutional relations developed over the course of the Solar Impulse project.


This Charter lays out the principles and values which guide the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, and all members – new and existing – accept to be held accountable to them.

> Improve the quality of life on Earth by tackling the challenges facing global society for the benefit of all.

> Adhere to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

> Adopt a solution oriented approach; setting goals without means to realize them is unproductive.

> Support efficient solutions that are logical more than eco-logical; even if climate change didn’t exist, clean technologies would make sense.

> Embody a pioneering spirit and push back the boundaries of the possible with new ways of thinking and doing.

> Consider the Alliance as an independent group of global actors, not bound by the interests of any nation, government, institution or industry.


The Alliance defines efficient solutions as:

A way to bridge the gap between ecology and economy. Not limited to the production of renewable energy, they encompass technologies, systems, know-how or processes that protect the environment, improve health and preserve natural resources, while creating jobs, generating profit and sustaining growth.


As stated in the Statutes, the goals of the Alliance are to:

PROMOTE – the Alliance is committed to advancing efficient solutions worldwide as a way to set the world on a path toward sustainable development and to improve the quality of life on Earth.

FEDERATE – the Alliance brings together the start-ups, companies, institutions and organizations producing, implementing or supporting the use of efficient solutions with the goal of creating synergies and sharing knowledge to improve the overall value chain.

ADVISE – the Alliance demonstrates concrete, tangible and efficient solutions to support governments, corporations and institutions in reaching their environmental and health targets, with respect to their specific situation.

[1] This Charter will be endorsed by the members of the Alliance during the first General Assembly and will come into force from that moment onwards.

[2] Hereby referred to as “the Alliance”.