Solutions for a Cleaner Aviation

Building a more sustainable aviation

We seek solutions for a sustainable aviation

The Solar Impulse Foundation and its partner Air France are joining forces in order to accelerate the adoption of clean and profitable solutions for the aviation industry

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01. Partnership

Clean and profitable solutions in aviation

The Solar Impulse Foundation and its partner Air France are seeking efficient solutions in aviation. The Partnership will identify and promote technologies which positively impact the reduction in carbon emissions, waste and noise. All of these clean, efficient and economically feasible solutions will be made available to the aviation industry to build a more sustainable future and Air France will implement those which are relevant to its activities.

Build a more sustainable aviation with

02. Challenges

Challenges for Sustainable Aviation

How can we use the power of innovation & technologies to accelerate the ecological transition while reducing its impact on the environment?

Accelerate the aviation ecological transition

Identifiy, find and give visibility to clean and efficient Aviation solutions to accelerate the sector's ecological transition. It is essential to rely on solutions that have a positive impact on the ecology.

Design sustainable aviation services and process

Consider the importance of ecology in the creation process of new services and products. The criteria of ecology, sustainability and energy effiency must become mandatory.

Investing in researches & inovation for credible alternatives

The aviation sector faces technological challenges for which massive resewarch and deveopment ressources are required. The involvement of al the actors of the aviation industry is essential to develop solutions for a sustainable aviation.

03. Benefits

Why apply?

By applying to the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, selected solutions will have the opportunity to join the #1000solutions challenge, and to possibly collaborate with Air France.

Get an internationally recognized award focused both on environment and profitability

Labelled solution will be introduced to our partners for a possible further collaboration

Selected solutions will be examined by our partners, and the ones relevant to its activities might be implemented to achieve their sustainability targets

04. Solutions

What type of solutions are we looking for?

Carbon footprint
Nurturing the benefits of aviation while reducing, offsetting its environmental impact

Efficiency (fuel, weight, processes)
Improving performance and reducing fuel consumption

Noise reduction
Technologies and solutions reducing the noise footprint of aviation

Cabin waste management
Alternatives to single use plastics and circular economy and inflight service

Sustainable ground operations
Alternative equipment and processes for airport and aircraft operations

Aviation and new energies
The future of aviation starts here !

06. Process

How to apply

  • Become a Member of the World Alliance (15min)
  • Submit your solution(s) (6-7 hours)
  • Independent Experts will evaluate your project
  • Selected projects will be sent to Air France for further collaboration
  • Air France will select and implement those which are relevant to its activities

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