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A drop-in resilient agriculture technology that results in more crop per drop suited for long term performance.

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Founded 1992
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Headquarters Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 5P9, Canada
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RHST Industries Inc.


As Dr. Bertrand Piccard noted during the epic voyage of the Solar Impulse, the immense amount of solar energy that is reaching the planet was powering the plane. The Earth's radiation budget refers to the difference between absorbed solar radiation and the net infrared radiation, taking into account the sum of all radiation, transferred in all directions, through the earth's atmosphere and to and from space. The radiation budget controls the Earth's temperature and rainfall. Water Vapor is the most prominent GHG in the atmosphere, and has the largest impact, on climate change, as it is responsible for 75% of global warming. NASA has acquired this data sine 1981 and attributes 50% of global warming to the positive feedback of radiative forcing of water vapor and 25% to the latent heat flux when water vapor condenses in the upper atmosphere. Agriculture consumes 70% of the freshwater resources on this planet and approximately 150 billion cubic meters of water is transferred into water vapor daily due to evapotranspiration from the earth's land surface. Between 41% - 50% is evaporation from the soil, in which case it has served no purpose for plants. The FAO estimates that by 2030 the planet will be at a water stress tipping point, where there is barely enough water to grow sufficient food for the earth's population. RHST has developed the "WATER PEARL" an inert, organic, superhydrophobic bead that is applied over the root zone of plants and such layer will reduce the loss of pore water in the soil, caused by evaporation. This will reduce plant abiotic stress caused by drought and induce more plant vigor and increase yield. Trials have demonstrated conditioning in young plants, whereby 25% - 30% biomass development was diverted from root growth to above-ground growth of shoots, with a reduction in the water footprint of up to 50%. This results in “more crop per drop”. As the water is retained in the soil, below the layer of “WATER PEARLS” the cover topsoil above the layer is too dry to germinate any weeds and therefore eliminates the need for herbicides. The reduction of water vapor formation also aids in fighting climate change by altering the positive feedback of the radiative forcing of water vapor. The reduction of water usage in agriculture allows for water recharge in the soil, as well as availability for other users. Today’s landscape for agriculture estimates 15% of the Earth’s land surface is used to grow food and 25% of the Earth’s surface is degraded soil or desert. Transformation of degraded farmland and deserts into arable land is possible with the use of “WATER PEARLS” as it can function in any type of soil substrate, regardless if it is sand or clay-rich organic soil. This “drop and walk” resilient organic agriculture technology is a solution to bolster food security, rescind water stress and impact climate change for a growing population
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Headquarters Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 5P9, Canada

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