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Who are the Experts evaluating the Solutions?

The Solar Impulse Foundation Expert Community is a group of professionals with more than five years of technical experience in one or more of our target SDGs. The Experts play a key role in the labelling process, using their technical and professional expertise to assess and critique Solutions seeking the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label. They come from various backgrounds, sectors, companies and countries, but are all brought together by a common passion for sustainable solutions.

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Videos about the Expert Community

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Who are the Experts assessing #1000solutions?

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Q&A with the Experts

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Challenge Events

The Experts Challenge Events

With the help of our partners, the Solar Impulse Foundation organises several Experts Challenge Events each year. The goal of these events is clear: assess as many Solutions as possible, and build a strong community among the Experts, who are at the core of the Foundation’s objective of labelling clean, efficient and profitable Solutions to fight climate change.

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How to become an Expert?

If you have more than five years technical experience in one of our target SDGS (6, 7, 9, 11, 12), the Expert role may be for you! Create your account, complete your profile and indicate your areas of expertise. If you have the right background to become an Expert, you will be assigned Solutions fitting your expertise to review and assess.

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