How long is the whole application and evaluation process?

The application process comprises several steps, and the length depends on the level and quality of information you have available at hand.  To successfully complete the application process the applicant must:

  1. Become a member of the World Alliance , by creating the account and completing the company profile here  (5 min);
  2. Read the Submission Rules and Conditions text and sign the Agreement (5 min);
  3. Prepare all the documents beforehand; for example technical sheets, Life Cycle Assessment report, available patents, case study, and a business plan outline;
  4. Click on “Create a Solution” and fill-in the application (Solutions Submission Form) via an online platform  (5-8 hrs, with a deadline at 30-day time);
  5. Obtain validation after “pre-screening” performed by the Solar Impulse Foundation’s team (3-7 days).
  6. Potentially modify or improve the quality of the application.

Following the success of the application process, the Solution is then assigned to three independent Experts based on their expertise (online profile completed at registration) as well as the areas of application (SDGs, sectors and tags) selected by the Member when submitting the Solution online. The speed of this process is dependent on many factors including Expert's availability, range of expertise available at the time, requirements for additional information/communication (chatbox) - overall ranging from 4-8 weeks.  As a result, we expect the whole process to last a maximum of 14 weeks.

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