Where can I find emissions factors?

A free of use database from ADEME is included in the SEI Tool under the tab GHG EMISSIONS FACTORS - Base carbone. The process to use this database is simple:

  1. Go on the EMISSIONS FACTORS - Base carbone tab, search for the most relevant emission factor that you seek (by using “Control/Command F”).

  2. Copy paste the emission factor to the adequate table of the SEI tool (emission factor column)

  3. Select the unit in the SEI tool and make sure it is the same unit as the database.

  4. Copy paste the name of the carbon emission factor used from the database to the Tool in the Source column.

  5. Make sure that the unit of the process/material you are adding corresponds to the unit of the database, convert it if it is not the case.

In case you cannot find a satisfactory conversion factor from the integrated database, you can use an external source and fill the SEI table in a similar way as described above. Please make sure you provide the link and source of your conversion factor in the source column.

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