The members of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions include start-ups, companies, institutions and organizations that produce, implement or support the use of Clean Technologies.

Specifically, the Alliance has two categories of members:

  1. active members – whose activity is directly in line with clean technologies;
  2. associate members – who support the use of clean technologies.

By uniting their forces, they share experiences and create synergies in order to improve the overall value chain and demonstrate concrete solutions to support:

  • governments;
  • corporations;
  • international institutions;

in reaching their environmental and health targets – advising them depending on their specific situation.


As one of the direct legacies of the Solar Impulse project, the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions is fully administered by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

As such, the Alliance receives the Foundation’s management and communication support and benefits from the media, political and institutional relations developed over the course of the adventure.

The operation of the Alliance is funded thanks to long-lasting partners of Solar Impulse such as Covestro, Solvay and Nestlé, among others, as well as private donors.



An association registered under Swiss law and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Alliance is a non-profit entity.

To guaranty the Alliance’s independence, all members are required to sign and follow the principles and values laid out in its Charter and accept to be held accountable to its standards.