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Marine Life Recovery, Improved Efficiency of Geothermal Systems & more - February Solutions Update

Written by Sophie de Blonay 4 min read

From fashion and building materials to water treatment and energy, innovative companies are developing new technologies to promote sustainability. In this blog post, we highlight several companies making strides in this field, including Carbios, Synhelion, Arqlite, Econcrete, Hysilabs, and Aqua4D. These companies are addressing critical issues such as plastic waste, carbon emissions, and water treatment and showcasing the potential for sustainable solutions to promote a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Econcrete's Sustainable Concrete Technology Boosts Marine Life in Malaga Port

Econcrete, a sustainable concrete technology company, implemented its solution in the port of Malaga, Spain, where traditional concrete causes significant ecological damage. Econcrete's solution incorporated materials that promote marine biodiversity and enhance the durability of the concrete. Nine months after the project's completion, the marine life in the area had increased by 181%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the technology. The project's success highlights the importance of sustainable solutions in the construction industry and the potential for companies like Econcrete to reduce the environmental impact of construction projects while promoting ecological restoration.

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Aqua4D Develops Technology to Improve Efficiency of Geothermal Systems through Water Treatment

Aqua4D, a Swiss water treatment company, has developed a technology that improves the efficiency of geothermal heating and cooling systems by reducing scaling and biofouling in pipes. Geothermal systems are a sustainable alternative to traditional heating and cooling methods, but their efficiency can be compromised by the buildup of mineral deposits and biological growth in the pipes. Aqua4D's technology, which uses electromagnetic fields to treat the water, prevents these issues and increases the lifespan of the system. The technology has been successfully implemented in several geothermal projects in Europe and demonstrates the potential for innovative water treatment solutions to promote sustainable energy.

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Leading fashion company joins fiber-to-fiber consortium founded by Carbios, On, Patagonia, PUMA and Salomon

Carbios, a French green chemistry company, has welcomed PVH Corp, one of the largest global apparel companies, to its consortium which is working to develop a technology that can recycle polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastics. PET is commonly used in the fashion and textile industry, and the consortium's goal is to use Carbios' enzymatic recycling technology to create high-quality recycled materials from PET, reducing waste and pollution. Carbios' technology uses enzymes to break down PET plastic into its constituent parts, which can then be used to produce new plastics of the same quality as virgin materials. The addition of PVH Corp to the consortium strengthens the group's efforts to create a circular economy for fashion and textiles, reducing the industry's reliance on virgin materials and minimising its environmental impact.

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Cemex partners with Sandia Labs and Synhelion to use solar energy for cement production

Global building materials company Cemex is partnering with Synhelion SA and Sandia National Laboratories to develop technology that uses concentrated solar energy to produce cement. This innovative process aims to reduce carbon emissions from cement production, which is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases. Synhelion's solar energy technology will be used to generate temperatures up to 1,500 degrees Celsius to break down materials such as limestone and produce cement. The technology will be tested at a pilot plant in Spain before being scaled up for commercial production. Synhelion's expertise in solar energy and its commitment to sustainability has been instrumental in the partnership and holds great promise for a cleaner future.

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Arqlite Launches New Eco Pot

Arqlite, a company dedicated to reducing plastic waste, has launched its first sustainable home hardware product, the Arqlite Eco Pot. The planter is made entirely from single-use plastics, using state-of-the-art recycling technology to transform millions of pounds of plastic waste into eco-friendly products. The pot is designed to be five times more durable than traditional pots and includes a Smart Gravel bag that stores excess water and provides moisture to the plant for several days. The product is a breakthrough in the fight against plastic pollution, offering a sustainable and beautiful alternative to traditional planters while reducing water consumption.

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Hysilabs completed a €13 million Series A round if financing

The start-up Hysilabs, which is developing a solution for the mass transportation of hydrogen, has just completed a €13 million Series A round of financing, which will soon be supplemented by additional capital in a second round. The deal was led by the investment fund Equinor Ventures, joined by the European Innovation Council Fund, EDP Ventures and PLD Automobile, with the support of historical investors Kreaxi, Région Sud Investissement and CAAP Création. "This fundraising will help accelerate the industrialization and market launch of our unique hydrogen carrier technology," confides Pierre-Emmanuel Casanova, co-founder of Hysilabs. The start-up, founded in 2015 and supported by Europe, inaugurated its pre-industrial demonstrator in June 2022.

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Written by Sophie de Blonay on February 28, 2023

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