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Hydrogen Injection System (H.I.S.)

An on-board technology injecting hydrogen that reduces thermal engines consumption

August 2021
Gallery Hydrogen Injection System (H.I.S.) 1
Gallery Hydrogen Injection System (H.I.S.) 1


Hydrogen Injection System (H.I.S.) is an on-board technology for reducing fuel consumption and polluting emissions in thermal engines by injecting hydrogen in real time. H.I.S. is a miniaturized, autonomous and secure system for improving the combustion of thermal engines by injecting hydrogen, resulting from the electrolysis of water. H.I.S. reduces the carbon impact of any type of thermal engine , whatever its size and actively participating in the energy transition, spearheading a positive ecology and a positive, sustainable and circular economy. H.I.S. technology reduces pollutant emissions up to 70% and fuel consumption up to 25%. A benefit for the consumer, corporations as well as the planet. Fitted on all thermal engines, the Hydrogen Injection System works equally well on gasoline and diesel engines.

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Label Date August 11, 2021
By Logikko - Deleted
From France
Maturity stage Small scale commercialization
Looking For Network, New clients, Visibility, Funding, Partners, Credibility

Implementation Stories

Hydrogen Injection System (H.I.S.) by Logikko - Deleted
Implemented by Grand-Est Region (France) in Strasbourg (France) in 2022

The Région Grand-Est in France launched a test experiment of the Solution on its vehicle fleet. Since April 2022, four vehicles used by the Mobile Professional Work Teams (EMOP) have been equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The experimentation period lasts 7 to 8 months and the final results are expected in November 2022. This is a first decisive step to deploy hydrogen in the Grand-Est région and reduce its carbon footprint.


Expected -15% in fuel consumption and -30-40% in toxic emissions depending on the use of the vehicles


The environmental benefits

  • Eliminates up to 70% of toxic pollution emissions released by any thermal engine
  • Saves up to 25% of fuel for very polluting engines
  • Avoids rejecting 200kg of CO2 on average, per engine and per yea

The Financial benefits

  • Amortised between 6 and 15 months of my (depending on the number of kms traveled or hours of use of the engine)
  • ROI is between 2 and 13 months

Activity Region

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  • Headquarters
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Company Profile

Logikko - Deleted

Patented and miniaturized system which reduces pollution and consumption on any existing thermal engine on any vehicle.

View company profile Solution website
Headquarters 33700 Mérignac, France
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