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Deutsche Telekom

As a leading European provider of telecommunications services, we also want to be a pioneer in sustainability. We are committed to acting responsibly along our entire value chain and play an important role in solving today's challenges.

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01. Partnership

Deutsche Telekomcommitments

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Reducing CO2

Digitization is changing our society. We are supporting this change, simplifying and enriching people's lives. However, increasing digitization requires a lot of energy, which is why we are committed to using energy more efficiently and reducing the energy consumption of our networks.

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Energy efficiency in the network

Our network infrastructure forms the basis of our products and services. At the same time, network operation requires the most energy and therefore results in the largest carbon emissions, which makes achieving greater energy efficiency in network technologies a key component of our climate protection target. When it comes to our networks, we engage in activities such as replacing outdated technology with new technology, e.g., the migration of our fixed-line network to IP technology. In addition, we are currently consolidating data traffic into only a few, particularly efficient, data centers.

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Circular economy

Conserving resources is a central focal point of our sustainability activities. We place a good deal of importance on reducing waste and recycling valuable resources.

02. Testimonials

Our common vision


President, Solar Impulse Foundation

“The ICT sector is crucial to support the development of clean technologies, smart infrastructure and digitalisation. This is why me must ensure that this industry develops in a sustainable way. Deutsche Telekom, a world leader in this industry, has committed to ambitious environmental targets, such as 100% renewable electricity use, and carbon neutrality. They share with the Solar Impulse Foundation the same pioneering spirit to implement solutions, paving the way for deep transformation within their entire sector, and they have understood the immense economic opportunity of protecting our Planet.”

Claudia Nemat

Board Member Technology & Innovation, Deutsche Telekom AG

“The ICT-sector has great potential to support the reduction of carbon emissions by dematerialization of physical processes and by enabling digital solutions leading to more efficiency in other industries and areas like logistics, energy, agriculture or traffic management. However, the ICT-infrastructure and rising data consumption will also lead to higher energy consumption to provide the services. To counteract this development, we want our industry to become more energy efficient.”

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