Network Sustainability Award 2021

Network Sustainability Award 2021


Deutsche Telekom and hubraum (tech incubator of Deutsche Telekom) would like to prove that the business and startup community also cares about making the world a more sustainable place.

That’s why they are launching the Tech Award: Sustainability in 5G Challenge.

The top three winners will take home 50K between them. Apply here

They are looking for:

Solutions for renewable energy production & storage

  • focus on ICT solutions, mainly telco infrastructure (3-10 kW power consumption minimum)

  • solutions with no local CO2 emission or other climate damaging effects

  • renewable energy production solutions (e.g. PV, wind), including combinations of alternative options

  • scalable solutions, commercially viable within Europe; consider e.g. local electricity markets

  • small but highly performant proposals (size, weight, aesthetics)

  • Innovative batteries or other storage options  (rated according to cost, capacity limitations, sustainability issues, etc).

  • Electricity as main form of energy. Other options would need to be converted to electricity

  • Fuel cell solutions welcome, but need to consider constraints above (no CO2 emission, sufficient output power)

Network management solutions

  • AI driven load adaptive energy management with a (nonexclusive) focus on telco networks.