Acting for tomorrow by stimulating innovation in the agri-food sector now!

Fields for trials and 35,000m2 of constructible industrial space: Agropôle is a campus that combines industry, service providers and innovators to accelerate the implementation of tomorrow's sustainable food solutions.

Agropôle is a unique demonstration center where all the agrifood sector stakeholders, from field to plate through agri-food tech innovation, coexist. As a real field-based ecosystem leader and market expert, the cluster accelerates the deployment of tomorrow's sustainable food solutions by creating bridges among all the players of the agrifood sector, developing dedicated services and testing grounds for new crops or agri-food tech solutions. In 2020, Agropôle evolves and develops, with its partner Losinger Marazzi, the construction of new buildings in order to accommodate more tenants.

Becoming a partner of the Solar Impulse Foundation demonstrates how the pooling of knowledge, in Switzerland and internationally, is essential to the development of the sustainable world of tomorrow. Through this partnership, Agropôle wishes to support the Solar Impulse Foundation in highlighting efficient agri-food tech solutions. Indeed, the development of a responsible agrifood sector is key to building a sustainable future, in terms of food sovereignty, resource conservation, and public health.

By Agropôle