Plug and Play China


Plug and Play China

Plug and Play, the world’s earliest and largest technology venture accelerator, focuses on developing a globalized innovative ecosystem. PNP China has invested and incubated over 300 Chinese startups.

PNP, located in Silicon Valley, PNP focuses on developing a globalized technological innovation ecosystem. PNP has now built an innovation ecosystem which partners with thousands of startups around the world. Since 1998, PNP has invested and incubated over 6’000 startups, including PayPal, Google, Lending Club, Dropbox, Logitech, and other prestigious ones.

As a world’s leading technological innovation accelerator and investor, since PNP’s arrival in China in 2015, it has been dedicated to providing comprehensive support to startups on different levels, including investments, startup acceleration, and corporate innovation. PNP has also been closely collaborating with corporations, government institutions, and universities to build a joint ecosystem, promote open innovation partnership, and seek mutual development. PNP China has invested in and incubated over 300 Chinese startup companies, 200 of which entered the “PNP Unicorn Acceleration Plan.”

PNP has also established a deep partnership with major central cities and demonstration cities of the “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” initiative in China. Furthermore, PNP China has introduced over 100 technology projects from Silicon Valley, Germany, Russia, and other PNP’s innovation platforms around the globe into the Chinese market.


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Make sure you've read the instructions before using the chat

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