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We make home a positive place to live

We are the European DIY leader and the 3rd largest DIY market player in the world. In our 900 stores or online, we make products and solutions accessible to all inhabitants and housing professionals in 20 countries. Our home improvement business platform meets a range of needs: renovations, DIY, decoration, and kitchen-fitting, etc. Every day, ADEO's 150,000 employees make your home projects possible. We’re driven by a shared sense of purpose: to feel useful.
Useful to ourselves, to others and to the world.

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A shared vision

Impactful partnership for sustainable home

Together with the Solar Impulse Foundation, we make accessible home solutions that have a positive impact on the environment and thus we contribute to turn the world carbon neutral. Adeo and the Solar Impulse Foundation objectives are to create homes that respect the needs of our planet, as well as those of its inhabitants, neighbours and the environment. A positive home is safe and secure, uses few resources, and adapts to the different phases of our lives.

In 2020, we launched our first alliance with the teams from the Solar Impulse Foundation and are very proud of the technological advances we are operating, with Solar Impulse teams specific and complementary abilities, in a spirit of partnership, by putting into practice our ambition and our values.

Philippe Zimmermann, CEO of ADEO

Their commitment

Adeo is committed to home improvement

We activate all possible avenues for improvement: packaging, products, design, transport, waste, our mission is to enable everyone to live in a more positive world.
We are developing our ranges towards “Positive Products”, with an approach to eco-design our products on the basis of 6 pillars corresponding to their life cycle:
- Safe for people,
- Safe for the planet,
- Made from responsible and recycled resources whenever possible,
- Produced responsibly in terms of human rights, labor rights and pollution prevention,
- Made to last durable,
- Designed to improve the home’s environmental performance, in terms of water and energy use, for example.

Adeo's Mission