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Opening the world to everyone, preserving the planet for all.

Movin’On is the world's leading co-innovation ecosystem for sustainable mobility. Movin’On provides concrete solutions and innovations for everyone’s mobility needs, with the aim of contributing to the progress of society while acting for the planet. Convinced that no single actor will be able to respond to today's challenges alone, Movin’On gathers collective and individual change makers and gives them the means to innovate together for more mobility with less impact. Movin'On brings the relevant expertise to promising initiatives and employs different ways of working. We provide our ecosystem with resources, processes, technology monitoring, operational support and best practices sharing worldwide.

A shared vision

The reasons which motivated the partnership

Movin’On and Solar Impulse Foundation is a win-win partnership. Solar Impulse Foundation can rely on the Movin’On global ecosystem to create collective synergies and benefit from the skills of the experts to accelerate the labeling of solutions, and Movin’On can strengthen its will to move from ambition to action by relying on labeled solutions.

We are convinced that the world of tomorrow will not be a world with less mobility, but a world with safer, more accessible and sustainable mobility. More mobility with less impact.

Nicolas Beaumont, Movin’On

This alliance is an opportunity for Movin'On to join the portfolio of #1000solutions. It's also an opportunity to introduce our solutions to top decision-makers.

Bertrand Piccard, Solar Impulse Foundation

Their commitment

More mobility, less impact

Movin’On works on concrete solutions and innovations to promote mobility, with two main objectives:
Improve society by implementing multiple complementary mobility solutions, which meet three criteria: efficiency, ethics and inclusion.
Act for the planet, fight climate change, air pollution and protect dwindling resources.

Concretely, Movin'On is mobilizing around 5 fights:
- Combating global warming and air pollution
- Preserving resources
- Ensuring safe and accessible mobility
- Improving multimodal mobility
- Designing new global transport efficiency

Their Fights