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Syensqo, a science company driving breakthroughs that advance humanity

Syensqo develops groundbreaking solutions that enhance the way we live, work, travel and play. Its solutions help make products found in homes, food and consumer goods, planes, cars, batteries, smart devices and health care applications safer, cleaner, and more sustainable. The company is committed to making the world a better place by investing in and driving sustainable growth. Its ambitious sustainability strategy is built around the three pillars of climate, sustainable growth and better life, while its four growth platforms play an important role in the decarbonization of our planet.

A shared vision

Game-changing sustainable solutions that make the impossible possible

Syensqo, Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation all share an ambitious vision to develop innovative, transformative and sustainable solutions that advance humanity. Passionate about the possibilities science offers to enable sustainable human progress, Syensqo joined the Climate Impulse project in 2024 as the first and main partner in this ambitious attempt to fly non-stop around the world in a hydrogen-powered plane. Our shared ambition is to invent tomorrow’s sustainable world.

At Syensqo we’re explorers. We develop solutions to drive sustainable growth, adopting a circular approach that will reinvent the way we do chemistry.

Ilham Kadri, Syensqo CEO

Syensqo is showing that solutions improving the quality of life on earth and making our planet a better place for humans already exist.

Bertrand Piccard, Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Their commitment

Science that powers sustainability

Syensqo aims to develop clean and natural solutions that protect the planet and help their customers to advance their environmental ambitions.
To achieve this, Syensqo is investing in and driving sustainable growth. The company’s ambitious approach targets climate neutrality by 2040 and is structured around three pillars: climate, sustainable growth and better life. More than 80% of Syensqo’s innovation is focused on creating sustainable solutions. This includes its four growth platforms. Focused on battery materials, thermoplastic composites, green hydrogen, and renewable materials and biotechnology, the platforms play an important role in the decarbonization of our planet.

Creating sustainable shared value for all