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Pioneer Awards 2024

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The Pioneer Awards celebrate organizations implementing 'Efficient Solutions' across sectors, honouring their pioneering spirit in advancing ecological sustainability. A panel of five Experts will confer the Pioneer Awards to the five winning pairs, each composed of a Labeled Solution and its client-adopter, in the sectors of Industrial Processes & Consumer Goods, Mobility, Agrifood & Natural Environment, Building & Construction, and Utilities (Water, Energy, Waste).

It recognizes those who challenge the status quo, turning obstacles into opportunities, and inspiring others toward a greener, more sustainable world.

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Key Dates

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Entries Open

April 2024

Entries Close

September 6th, 2024

Final Judging

September 2024

Finalists Announced

September 23rd, 2024

Ceremony at
The Pioneers Forum

October 16th, 2024

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Pioneer Awards

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The Pioneer Awards ceremony will take place on October 16th at the Solar Impulse Foundation flagship event: The Pioneers Forum.

This forum will empower members of the Foundation's ecosystem to leverage our exclusive network, maximizing the potential of efficiency innovations across various sectors.

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The Awards



Who can apply?

Solution providers worldwide with an implementation case study

Private/Public organisation who have implemented cleantech solutions worldwide

Why should you apply?

    • Secure dedicated speaking slots on the main stage for the winners during our yearly event.

    • Strengthen the relationship between Innovator and Adopter.

    • Gain a prominent presence on the Solar Impulse Foundation's social media, showcasing your collaboration and impact.

    • Be included in our official press release announcing the winners.

    • Validate your commitment to sustainability, highlight your achievements, and increase your visibility within their industry and beyond.

    • Enhance your visibility and credibility among potential partners, clients, investors or innovative solutions.

    • Have the opportunity for your case study to be published on The Climate Drive by WBCSD.


Pioneer Awards Categories

The Pioneer Awards is a prestigious recognition that honors outstanding innovations and groundbreaking adoption in the following sectors.

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Agrifood & Natural Environment

Agrifood & Natural Environment

Solutions related to the farming and cultivation of both food and non-food items, such as textiles and biofuels, and all activities associated in their value chain. The focus extends to Solutions that within agroforestry, ocean preservation, air pollution mitigation, nature-based solutions and biodiversity.

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Building & Construction

Building & Construction

Solutions related to the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of physical structures including residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The Solutions in this sector aim to promote sustainability and efficiency in the construction and building industry, addressing challenges and innovating across the entire lifecycle of structures.

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Industrial processes & Consumer Goods

Industrial processes & Consumer Goods

Solutions related to the operations that transform raw materials, components, or substances into finished products on a large scale. Solutions in this sector strive to optimise processes, reduce environmental impact, and enhance the overall efficiency of industrial activities. This sector also includes solutions that aim to provide consumer goods for individuals that are more sustainable, circular, and environmentally friendly.

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Solutions that involve the movement of people and goods, encompassing various modes of transportation. This includes both public and private transportation systems, along with the infrastructure that supports them, such as roads, railways, airports, and ports.

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Utilities (Water, Energy, Waste)

Utilities (Water, Energy, Waste)

Solutions that allow for the comprehensive planning, coordination, and optimization of essential services related to water, energy, and waste. This sector involves the responsible and efficient provision, distribution, and management of these critical resources to support societal functions and ensure sustainable practices. It includes water management (sourcing, treatment, distribution), energy management (generation, storage, distribution) and waste management (collection, recycling, and treatment).


Our Independent Jury Experts

The Expert Jury of the Pioneer Awards by the Solar Impulse Foundation is a distinguished panel carefully curated to bring extensive experience and expertise in the five key sectors of the awards: industrial processes & consumer goods, mobility, agrifood & natural environment, building & construction, and utilities (water, energy, waste).

Each member of this esteemed jury boasts a senior-level background with over a decade of hands-on involvement in their respective sectors. What sets these experts apart is their unwavering commitment to the Solar Impulse Foundation, demonstrated through their continuous engagement and dedication over the years. They have not only assessed but have actively contributed to evaluating a substantial number of Solutions, many of which have now earned the coveted Solar Impulse Foundation label, becoming integral parts of our growing portfolio of groundbreaking cleantech solutions.

The Scoring process is divided in 2 parts:

  • Impact Score: The current impact of the case study, assessing the real-world results it has achieved.
  • Replicability Score: The potential for the case study to be duplicated or implemented elsewhere and achieve a similar impact.


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A support to fulfill its mission. Thanks to the continued support of its partners, the Solar Impulse Foundation can fulfill its mission, fund the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and offer all services to its Members entirely free of charge.