E-Coaching Energy Efficiency - SIF x BNP Paribas - Movin’On LAB

E-Coaching Energy Efficiency - SIF x BNP Paribas - Movin’On LAB


Apply to the Solar Impulse label during the Energy Efficiency Coalition Workshop on October 8th.

As part of the Community of Interest in the framework of Movin’On LAB, the Solar Impulse Foundation is participating to the Energy Efficiency working session led by BNP Paribas on October 8th.

At this occasion, The Solar Impulse Foundation is hosting an E-Coaching Session to support and provide guidance to the innovators delivering on Energy Efficiency and who are interested in applying for the Solar Impulse Label.

How to subscribe to this special E-coaching Session on Energy Efficiency?  
  • Show your interest via this  Online Form and get exposure within the Energy Efficiency Coalition.
  • The deadline to subscribe is September 29th 2020
  • To be eligible, you must commercialize a product, process or service that has reached the maturity level of at least TRL6-7 and demonstrates Energy Efficiency benefits.

What to expect from this e-coaching session?
Two sessions (1hour each) during which a Solar Impulse Team Member provides guidance to apply for the Label and to build a strong case on your solution’s economic robustness and environmental benefits.
As participants (registered for this track), you will attend the :
1. Introduction by Bertrand Piccard & BNP Paribas
2. The E-coaching workshop 
3. Conclusion & Presentation of each group results

More info about the Energy Efficiency working session 
This working session is designed to gather start-ups, SMEs, and corporates in order to develop collaboration around Energy Efficiency and answer the following questions:
1. How to better connect solutions & users around 3 themes: buildings, industry, digital sobriety?
2. How to foster the adoption of energy-efficient solutions through financing?
3. How to apply for the Solar Impulse Label & what are the benefits to get a label?