Engaging at COP28 with the Solar Impulse Foundation

Engaging at COP28 with the Solar Impulse Foundation


Join us on November 2nd at 5pm CET for an exclusive E-Academy session hosted by the Solar Impulse Foundation's Public Affairs Team!

Participation is reserved for Labeled Solutions.

This session will explain how the COP functions and what to expect - especially relevant for those attending - as well as what the Solar Impulse Foundation will be doing there and how you can use this to amplify your and our message.

What You'll Discover:

-Mastering COP Essentials: Learn what to expect from this influential event and the key information you should have at your fingertips.

-Strategies for Success: Discover how to reach your objectives, boost your visibility, and effectively position your cleantech solution during this global gathering.

-Pro Tips and Pitfalls: Get the inside scoop on the dos and don'ts to make the most of your time at COP28.

-Labeled Solution Testimonial: Gain firsthand insights from a Solar Impulse Foundation Labeled Solution, on what made their COP experience worthwhile.

Don't miss this special opportunity to prepare for COP28, whether you'll be there in person or not. We're here to provide you with the confidence, knowledge, and inspiration you need to have an impact.


Date From November 2, 2023
to November 2, 2023
Duration 1 hour
Location Online