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Responsible and pioneering manufacturer, the Soprema Group is today a leader in the construction industry.

Since its creation in 1908, the family-owned SOPREMA Group has become a world leader in the fields of the protection and insulation of buildings, energy efficiency and building management. Its strategy: constantly act to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment. Recognizing that the construction industry should be a major stakeholder in the protection of the environment and natural resources, Soprema reaffirms this strategy by developing breakthrough innovations reducing further its impacts while bringing efficiency solutions to the clients. To achieve this, it can rely on the dedicated teams of a network of 17 research centres and 73 production sites.

A shared vision

A promising partnership for the construction sector

The Soprema Group has been for many years striving to bring innovative solutions to advance the industry, protect the environment and better the world while promoting a profitable approach, a vision shared with the Solar Impulse Foundation. Innovation is at the heart of our strategy. The R&D centres of our decentralized organization are dedicated to assessing the impact of our products and processes, optimizing them and finding new solutions to the issues of today and tomorrow that are ever friendlier for the environment and mankind. Through our acts and decisions, we can contribute to improving the world. And with the Solar Impulse Foundation, we can leverage and promote our solutions to large audiences.

We are convinced that concrete actions in the construction sector can really contribute to the protection of the climate and the environment. And this partnership is proof that this approach can also be profitable. The Future has begun!

Pierre-Etienne Bindschedler, CEO of Soprema Group

Their commitment

Sustainability in the building industry: a key commitment for Soprema

For the Group, rethinking the future of the construction industry is a priority, embodied in the approach “The future has begun” listing tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.
Soprema is dedicated to bringing comfort to users of buildings and economic value to the owners while preserving the environment with innovative solutions: highly efficient and long-lasting waterproofing and insulation for the building envelope; cool roof membranes to reduce heat islands ; on-the-roof energy systems to produce local electricity; green roofs to restore biodiversity, manage rainwater and leverage the so-called 5th façade; shading and natural light management systems to improve the inner comfort and reduce energy needs.

Key achievements