News - June 1, 2023

A rapid modernisation of Switzerland's legislative framework is necessary, for the planet and the economy

In a bid to shape a greener future, we launched the Swiss Edition of the "Prêt à Voter" initiative in a presentation to Swiss Parlamentarians at the beginning of last month. After successfully identifying over 1500 environmentally friendly and cost-effective technical solutions, we now want to overcome regulatory barriers that prevent the implementation of these innovations. Following a similar undertaking in France last year, we are now providing ambitious options to Swiss lawmakers.

Imagine a world where waste is minimised and energy supply is clean and plentiful, where citizens' purchasing power is strenghtened. 

This vision can become a reality through actions like "Prêt à Voter" where we have listened to the cleantech community to develop recommendations that will allow them to succeed.

These recommendations are currently being shared with representatives of the Swiss government , but will soon be available on our website. 

The driving principle behind the initiative is simple yet powerful: "When the climate changes, so must the law"

The time for action is now, and the initiative turns to the Swiss Parliament with a pressing matter. Today, the Swiss Parliament will vote on crucial amendments to the Federal Electricity Supply Act – amendments that will open up new commercial opportunities for solutions that have been identified as beneficial for the climate.

Two key issues are raised by our initiative, that demand attention and support from the public and lawmakers alike:

  • Energy Efficiency: Revolutionary technologies that enhance energy efficiency lie at the heart of many "Prêt à Voter" proposals. These innovative solutions hold the promise of substantial gains as the market embraces their potential. Imagine a Switzerland where energy providers are mandated to implement efficiency projects, benefiting both consumers and network managers, while driving cost-effective energy solutions. By supporting the majority solution of the Committee for Environment, Planning, and Energy (CEATE-E) and accepting the proposed amendments to Art. 46b - f LEne, Switzerland can establish a thriving market for energy efficiency, positively impacting both the environment and the economy.

  • Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G): Revolutionary and game-changing, the Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) is an important battle for Solar Impulse. We firmly believes that V2G should and will play a pivotal role in Switzerland's climate-friendly energy system. Excitingly, the majority of the Commission members from the Council of States (there are 46 in Switzerland) support the modification of the framework conditions for the re-injection of previously stored energy into the grid. We hope a majority can be found on this issue. However, for V2G to become a reality, customers must have real-time access to crucial measurement values. This essential requirement is at the heart of the debate and by supporting transparent and binding solutions that empower customers with timely information, Switzerland can accelerate the adoption of V2G, driving sustainable transportation and contributing to a greener future.

The "Prêt à Voter" initiative identifies similar such recommendations and urges the public to rally behind these proposals. The stakes are high. A rapid modernization of Swiss law will strengthen the country’s position and set it up as a leader not only in technical innovation, but also in the regulatory domain - doing well by doing good.

As optimists, we hope parliamentarians, business leaders and citizens across the country can stand united as we drive positive change towards a sustainable future.

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