World Alliance for Efficient Solutions


We need to embrace clean technologies, not because they are “eco-logical,” but because they are “logical.” They are a way to bridge the gap between ecology and economy.

Even if climate change didn’t exist, energy efficient technologies would make sense: to create jobs, generate profit and boost sustainable growth while also reducing CO2 emissions and protecting natural resources.


The Alliance is committed to advancing efficient solutions worldwide as a way to set the world on a path toward sustainable development and to improve the quality of life on Earth.


The Alliance brings together the start-ups, companies, institutions and organizations producing, implementing or supporting the use of efficient solutions with the goal of creating synergies and sharing knowledge to improve the overall value chain.


The Alliance demonstrates concrete, tangible and efficient solutions to support governments, corporations and institutions in reaching their environmental and health targets, with respect to their specific situation.


As one of the direct legacies of the Solar Impulse project, the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions is fully administered by the Solar Impulse Foundation.


Bertrand Piccard to launch partnership with the European Commission

Bertrand Piccard, as Chair of the Solar Impulse Foundation, met with Maroš Šefčovič, the European Commission (EC) Vice-President for the Energy Union on Tuesday 28th of March, together with Jyrki Katainen Vice-President for Jobs, Growth, investment and Competitiveness and Carlos Moedas Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation.


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Spread the word: Call for innovators!

Hawaii, USA, April 21st 2016: Solar Impulse took off from Kalaeloa Airport attempting to complete the pacific and land on the North American continent. Departed from Abu Dhabi on march 9th 2015, the Round-the-World Solar Flight will take 500 flight hours and cover 35’000 km. Swiss founders and pilots, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg hope to demonstrate how pioneering spirit, innovation and clean technologies can change the world. The duo will take turns flying Solar Impulse 2, changing at each stop and will fly over the Arabian Sea, to India, to Myanmar, to China, across the Pacific Ocean, to the United States, over the Atlantic Ocean to Southern Europe or Northern Africa before finishing the journey by returning to the initial departure point. Landings will be made every few days to switch pilots and organize public events for governments, schools and universities.

In the scope of this new challenge, we want to find 1,000 efficient and viable solutions that could help governments, municipalities and corporations reach their environmental and health targets.

If you are a company, a startup, or entrepreneur developing, or commercializing innovative sustainable solutions, and are interested in taking part in our next adventure, we invite you to fill in the following questionnaire.


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