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Why companies apply for the Label?

1. Access to market

We were quoted by Bertrand Piccard on television. This has attracted the attention of a multinational that has today become our strategic partner.

Antoine Meffre, CEO from Eco-Tech Ceram

2. Appeal to investors

For us, as investors, the Solar Impulse Label was a very positive sign during the due diligence, as it validated the technological part of the company, while we were more focused on the financial side.

Sophia Martin, Investment Director from RAISE

3. Contribute to environmental advocacy

In the traditional maritime public sector, it is sometimes hard to know what door to knock on to be heard and make things move forward. Thankfully, we can talk to the Solar Impulse Foundation public affairs team who can share their experience in navigating through convoluted political landscapes.

Naïk Londono, Co-founder & CEO from AELER Technologies SA

4. Feedback from industry expert

For us, the whole process was very valuable, because not only were the questions relevant for our Solution, but also the feedback from the Experts helped us to prepare our next fundraising round a few months later

Pierre-Emmanuel Casanova, Co-founder from Hysilabs

5. Gain credibility

We are delighted that two of our solutions have been awarded the label by your foundation, particularly in view of Bertrand Piccard's outstanding image and his initiatives for the planet. The Solar Impulse label reinforces the credibility of our solutions with our customers and stakeholders

Fabrice Bonnifet, Sustainable Development Director from Bouygues

A chance to be in the list proving that solutions to the climate crisis exist and need to be scaled immediately. Companies such as ENGIE, Air Liquide, Soprema, Danfoss or Somfy have already labelled some of their clean technologies.

6. Gain visibility

After we got the label, the attention we received rose exponentially. During this year with Solar Impulse by our side, we closed more milestones than before.

Cristina Aleixendri , COO & Co-founder from bound4blue

Thanks to the continued support of its partners, the Solar Impulse Foundation can can fulfill its 1000 Solutions Challenge, fund the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions and offer all services to its Members entirely free of charge.

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How do you know your Product is valid to apply?

1. Type of Innovation

Your solution must be clean, efficient, and profitable product, process, or service.

2. Maturity Stage

You have reached the maturity stage of at-scale prototype testing in a laboratory.

3. SDG’s of Application

You contribute to the achievement of at least one of the following five Sustainable Development Goals.

Label Process

How it Works


Step 1 - Create an account and start your profile


Step 2 - Complete your company profile (5min)


Step 3 - Sign the agreement and request validation to join the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions


Step 4 - From your dashboard, you can submit your solution(s) (2-3 hours each)


Step 5 - The Solar Impulse Team will prescreen your solution and ask for improvement if necessary


Step 6 - Min 2x external Expert will assess your solution. You might need to answer additional questions using our Chatbox


Step 7 - Based on the assessment of the Experts, The Solar Impulse Team will proceed to the final selection


Step 8 - Final compliance and reputational risk will be done by an external service providers


Step 9 - Your solutions is awarded The Solar Impulse Label


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