News - June 15, 2017

The Solar Impulse Foundation unveils a new partnership with ENGIE

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We are happy to welcome ENGIE, the ambitious and innovative French energy company, as the most recent partner of the Solar Impulse Foundation.

It’s a natural fit, committed as we both are to a clean energy transition to make for a sustainable future. We wish to demonstrate that doing so will not be expensive or impact negatively upon our standard of living, but that it can act as a spur to create jobs and opportunity and reinvigorate economies across the world. We also wish to show that solutions already exist, and we should not hold back from implementing them.

ENGIE focus their efforts on three core businesses - electricity, natural gas, and energy services - and are deeply committed to an energy revolution. In recent years they have invested heavily in sustainable innovation, with a number of promising ideas and technologies that they are working to bring to market. Action and investments by such companies are evidence that there is opportunity in cleantech solutions.

Such as Heliatek. Engie have invested in their light and flexible organic photovoltaic films that attach to windows, supplementing the energy captured by solar panels on the roofs of buildings.

Or with electric vehicles, where Symbio FCell are producing battery-life extension systems that allow for non-polluting vehicles to go further before needing to recharge.

Our partnership is an opportunity to help ENGIE share these solutions with members of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, as well as to highlight the solutions of others that they may wish to invest in.

It’s another step forward for the Solar Impulse Foundation and we are excited to be working with ENGIE to achieve our shared vision.

Written by Solar Impulse Foundation on June 15, 2017

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